Monday, June 16, 2008

Welcome to The 'It' Bit: What's in an 'It'?

It’ things reflect trends, and trends are blooming at all times.

Trends can be tasty. Trends can lead to disaster. Trends can be anything they want, but with a strong evident muscle of interest at work. To becoming a trend, that’s the key—people setting the patterns, setting waves of ups and downs, with hues of brightness and shadows. Trends run and they fall. They’re soothing. They make a mess. They happen. And some are fascinating to follow, right until you are a part of the flow and can’t stop.

Trend xyz wasn’t here yesterday. But trend xyz is here today.

Be careful… A trend can also be about having no interest at all.

My goal with The It Bit is to capture some of these trends happening in our world, whether they’re very local, or simply something that’s lightly tapping on our shell asking for permission of entry. I’ll introduce the trends here and probe them, asking others to probe along with me. I’ll try to answer the important question of So what?

My name is Barbara Navarro, a journalism student and assistant to the features desk at the Daily Forty-Niner (or the Summer Forty-Niner for now), the campus daily at the sunny California State University, Long Beach. We’re "The Beach" year round, looped, precisely, into a thriving port environment and attractive L.A. vivacity all at once. On campus, the scene is healthy with variety of studies and cultures.

There is much to examine. So, let’s get to it!

Welcome to The It Bit!

Barbara Navarro
Assistant Features Editor, Daily Forty-Niner

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